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By "Slavneftekhim" started production of a new product line - grease for wheelsets of railway transport. These greases are designed by the company with the use of innovation in the chemical industry. Application of this series of lubricants in rail transport is the solution to the problem of wear of rolling stock.

Locomotive wheel sets are the main and particularly important and crucial element of the chassis. This is one of the most wear out and require a lot of money to repair the units. On their quality and condition greatly depends traffic safety of rolling stock and fluidity.

Innovative line of grease for wheelset can significantly reduce the amount of wear ridges wheelset and increase the efficiency of the wheelset turning up.

Studies conducted by Lithuanian scientists Sh Mikalajunas, LP LINGAYTIS, V. Podvezko (Vilnius Technical University. Gediminas, Lithuania) that are listed in their article "Probability IMPACT ASSESSMENT force feed wheel sets wear" show the intensity of the erasure of the ridge path . Obtained regression curves that predict the intensity of the erasure of the ridge. Studies have shown that the grease system of the ridges allows to increase efficiency of the turning of the wheelset to not less than 31%.