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Hydroway® brand 400

The antiadhesial grease of forms for the taking out of the iron and foam concrete products. It is used for the lubrication of forms or vertical casing for production of the iron and foam concrete products for the purpose to provide the taking out. It is applied on the form or the casing by typical method (by brush, dispersion and etc.).Presented in the range of "Slavnefteсhim" grease removal of concrete products from the molds and removable formwork made ​​of wood, steel, plastic and other materials commonly used in the construction industry. Here it is used as the liquid, which promotes maximum separation surface of the body of a particular product. If necessary, this type of mold release than concrete structures can also be applied to the surface of wood, plastic or metal.

Hydroway® brand 1100

The semisynthetical biostable lubrication-cooling technologuical facilities (LCTF) for the edge cutting machining, the abrasive machining and the forming operation.

Lubricant lithium semifluid Mariol®-450

It is used for the reduction gears of the industrial equipment. This lubricant is offered instead of the standard transmission oils. Due to the unique non-Newtonian characteristics, Mariol® 450 combines the quality and the advantages of oils and lubricants. It has been filled in the crankcase like a fluid and it acts like a fluid but it acts like a lubricant in the seals, the stuffing boxes and etc. So, due to the sharp decrease of leakage, the consumption of the lubricating material is reduced in 5-11times.At the same time the tribology of friction is increasing and the wear of pair of friction is decreasing accordingly and the service life of the crankcases is increasing.

Semifluid lithium lubricant Mariol – pressol®

It is used for the centralized lubrication systems of the sliding bearings .It has the better thermal-resistance, water-resistance in comparison with the complex calcium lubricant UNIOL 2M/2type. It provides the reliability and the longevity of the expensive bearings operation. The consumption is decreasing for а 20-40% due to the better colloid structure and the high adhesion (stick).