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Fireproof hydraulic(working) fluids for the mechanized fixings HFA type:

 1.Synthetic fluids HFAS type-Hydroway® brand 900

They are effective especially for the preparation of the microemulsion on the base of the water of the high hardness and the salt-contant.

 2.Semisynthetic fluids HFAE type-Hydroway® brand 1000

Semisynthetic fluids are recommended for the preparation of the microemulsion of the wide range of the hardness and the salt-content. Today they are the most developed type of the working fluids.

 Emulsion fluids HFAE type-Hydroway® brand 1200

Emulsion fluids are recommended for the preparation on the base of the water of the moderate hardness.


Testing-conservation fluids Hydroway® brand 300

Such fluids are used for the testing and the conservation of the hydrosystem of the mechanical fixings at their production and repair. It is compatible with all known hydraulic(working) fluids HFA type, as opposed to the mineral oils which have been used for these goals. It provides the corrosion protection of the hydrosystem. It provides the storage at the wide range of temperatures up to -50 Celsius degrees.

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids HFC type for coal combines . Hydroway ® 200

In accordance with the "sectoral safety regulations in mines " recommended replacement of mineral oils (such as IGP) in hydraulic coal combines fire-resistant hydraulic fluids on the type of HFC, some of which are liquid and Hydroway 200 series . This series consists of several brands , which ensures a wide range of viscosity products. Has better than mineral oil lubricants , coolants , anti-corrosion properties , high viscosity index . Can be used in a wide range of temperatures ranging from  minus 50 0C. Due to the high heat capacity and thermal conductivity , reduced operating temperature in the hydraulic system on the 1000C- 1500C compared with mineral oils and thus creates the possibility of more intensive operation.

Lithium semifluid grease for the crankcase of the gearwheels of the mining-shaft equipment Mariol® -450

This grease is offered instead of the standard transmission oils. Due to the unique non-Newtonian characteristics, Mariol® 450 combines the quality and the advantages of oils and lubricants. It has been filled in the crankcase like a fluid and it acts like a fluid but it acts like a lubricant in the seals, the stuffing boxes and etc. So, due to sharp decreasing of leakage, the consumption of the lubricating material is decreased in 5-11times. At the same time the tribology of friction is increasing and the wear of pair of friction is decreasing accordingly and the service life of the crankcases is increasing.Mariol® 450 can operate effectively at the ingress of the moisture and the ingress of the coal dust.

Wetting Hydroway ® 940

Wetting Hydroway® 940 provides high-speed wet dust. The speed of wetting , wetting exceeds the known DB is about 10 times . Safe for humans and the environment.

Hydroway® 945 for quarries and open -pit coal mines

Dust-suppression Hydroway® 945 has successfully passed laboratory tests and is currently undergoing industrial trials in his career.
Hydroway® 945 now has the property of binding fine dust particles into larger , as a result, can successfully suppress mining dust on roads.
Through the use of dust-suppression Hydroway® 945 several times reduces the consumption of water for irrigation pit roads .
It has a high anti-corrosion properties.