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Dear leaders of industrial and ventilation safety in the mines!

So as your priority is to organize work against coal dust, the company offers Slavneftechim to improve your work by a unique product:
Wetting HYDROWAY-940

Wetting HYDROWAY-940 is a mixture of the optimal number of functional additives that provide high-speed wetting coal dust. The product does not contain ingredients harmful to health service staff, is environmentally safe.

Wetting is applied as an aqueous solution to wet the coal dust in order to effectively remove it from the air shaft. The concentrate was easily dissolved in water of varying hardness and salinity (20 mg-ekv/dm3 above). The solution can be prepared directly in the mine with the dispenser. Working concentration Hydroway-940 is 0.05-0.3% and adjusted depending on the conditions. The speed of wetting Hydroway-known wetting exceeds 940 dB is about 10 times, so the operating concentration can be reduced compared to the DB, 1.5-2.0 times. Otherwise Hydroway-940 may be used in accordance with instructions for wetting Industry.