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By "Slavneftekhim" has developed a new line of phosphate-free liquid laundry detergent wide range of products: washing overalls, normal clothes and underwear, children's underwear.


Means washing, liquid, wash overalls
TU U 20.4-31709624-004: 2013


Hydroway 1550 is a concentrated liquid detergent overalls with various types of pollution.

Ingredients: Deionized water 30% nonionic and semi-polar surfactants, complexing agent, pH adjuster, a preservative, a dye and flavoring (for
Customer's request).


Hydroway 1550 suitable for washing articles made of cotton, linen, synthetic fibers and fabrics of mixed fibers in washing machines of any type, water hardness.

  • Sort the laundry by type of fabric and color.
  • Wash colored items separately from whites.
  • Select the washing and the temperature in accordance with the recommendations stated on the label clothes.
  • To remove stubborn dirt, apply liquid directly onto the stain,
  • leave on for 5-10 minutes, rub and put in the washing machine drum.
  • Water soft and medium hardness, as well as secondary pollution recommend
  • detergent concentration 17 ml based on 1 kg of laundry.
  • For hard and very hard water at medium pollution is recommended to take out
  • 20 ml per 1 kg of laundry.
  • If particularly dirty, take respectively 35 ml and 39 ml per 1 kg of laundry.


  • Keep away from children. Kept away from food.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water.
  • If you are sensitive and damaged skin to avoid prolonged contact with any means for washing.



  • Effectively washes stubborn stains;
  • Repeated cycles of freezing / thawing does not alter the quality of the product;
  • The aqueous solution is readily formed;
  • Subject to the rules of personal hygiene, and proper use in the recommended application, poses no threat to health.
  • Does not contain phosphates, safe to use and does not pollute the environment