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Testing-conservation fluids for hydrosystem of the mechanized complexes.This series is used in delivery condition for testing and conservation of the hydrosystem of the mining-shaft equipment for its transportation and storage.
Introduced in the range of " Slavneftekhim " lubricant for concrete forms when applied to the surface of the casing constitutes a continuous oily layer , which acts as a barrier between the material and the surface of the concrete formwork .
In the product range of the online shop of "Slavneftekhim" well represented various hydraulic fluids for mining equipment . The need to use this technical fluid is in the normal operating state mechanisms and their parts and components directly used in in the production of lignite and coal - in mines, both open and closed type production. Presented in our mining equipment hydraulic fluids meet all current applicable stringent quality standards, adopted in Ukraine and in the countries of the European Union.
Operation of motor transport , machinery and tools used in various industries , is associated with the need to use special grease. Its functional purpose is to reduce the wear caused by friction is different nodes mechanisms used technique . If more into the details , now grease got quite widespread in modern technology , they are used to reduce friction in moving mechanisms and sites. Experts distinguish solid, semisolid , liquid or even gaseous lubricants .
The main component of the coolant is safe for human health pharmaceutical grade glycerine, made ​​in Germany (used in medicine and food industry ) with functional additives to provide excellent anti-corrosion and lubrication properties , as well as prepyatstvuyuschieobrazovaniyu scale ;
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