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Hydroway® brand 500


HYDROWAY® 500 of brands OSM-1, MR-7, MR-3, KP is the mixture of the high-quality mineral oils with the sets of the functional additives. Brand KP contains the most large quantity of the additives. Brands MR -7 and MR-3 contain the equal quantity of the additives approximately but they are different by the viscosity of the oil base. The oil of the medium viscosity is in the brand MR-7 and the oil of the slight viscosity is in the brand MR-3.


Brand МR-7 of Hydroway® 500 is used for the procedures of steel and alloys cutting , screw cutting, gear machining, by turning automatic machine at light, medium and hard working conditions of the processing. It is efficient for the treatment of the bearing steel. Brand МR-3 is used for operations of the deep drilling of steel. Brand КP is used at hard operations for processing of steel and alloys by cutting and pressure. Besides, it can be used for additional strengthening of brands MR-7 and MR-3 for the purpose of the enhancement of the lubricating characteristics. All brands are ready for use at the conditions of the delivery. They should be delivered to the treatment zone /area by standard ways.( watering, under pressure and etc.)

Toxicological characteristic

It has the favourable toxicological, sanitation, ecological characteristic.


The packing is produced  for Euro barrels or other package by agreement with the consumer. The guarantee term of the storage is not less than one year from the date of the production at the compliance of the terms storage.


  • Certificate of the quality system of the enterprise on the accordance
  • ISO 9001 : 2008, has been issued by Company TUV NORD CERT GmbH,
  • Essen city, Germany;
  • Certificate of the accordance UkrУкрСепро;
  • Certificate of quality EMRC, has been issued by European Marketing Research Center, Brussel city,Belgium.