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HYDROWAY®  brand 1060.

This is a semi-synthetic hydraulic fluid of a new generation types HFAE. Is a blend of highly purified petroleum oil and a large number of functional additives to provide high anti-corrosion, lubricity, biostability, the aggregative stability of the of microemulsions on the waters of various stiffness and mineralization.


Designed for use in as a microemulsion (0.5-2.0)% in hydraulic systems machine building technological equipment and of mining equipment , in particular, mechanized complexes. Unlike before used local emulsols microemulsions prepared based on 1000 Series Hydroway require a smaller concentration while easily emulsified in water mineralization and high stiffness (up to 10 mEq / l and above) without additional preheating forming stable microemulsion . In the application of recommended concentration of soft water emulsion may be reduced at high stiffness and mineralization –may be increased. The emulsion can be prepared directly in the mine using dispensers.


The product is not toxic and does not contain harmful substances such as sodium nitrite, chlorine, fluorine.

• Easy preparation of an emulsion that does not require heating, the application of dispensers to make the emulsion.
• High level emulsion stability in the water mineralization and high hardness, compatibility with other emulsions.
• It has excellent lubricating and corrosion protection.
• Bioresistant is not affected by bacteria, fungi, yeasts.
• Compatible with seals and other non-metallic structural materials.

Toxicological characteristics

It has a favorable toxicological, sanitary and hygienic, environmental characteristics.


Packaging is made in rail tank cars, tank trucks, drums or other containers in agreement with the consumer. Guaranteed shelf life not less than 1 year from the date of manufacture when stored under proper conditions.


Quality System Certificate for compliance ISO 9001: 2008, issued by TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Essen, Germany;
Certificate of compliance with the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Protocol, issued by Central Mining Institute (GIG), Poland;
The security certificate was issued МАК НИИ, Ukraine;
Certificates of compliance UkrSepro;
Quality certificate EMRC, issued European Marketing Research Center, Brussels, Belgium