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Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids Hydroway

Fire-resistant synthetic oils such as HFC


HYDROWAY®  brand 200 are  synthetic polyglycolic fire-resistant oil.


Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids are designed for use in engineering instead of oil (mineral) and industrial oils in various operations that require enhanced lubricants, cold-resistant, anti-corrosion and biocidal properties, as well as in hydraulic machines, machining centers and other mechanisms as hydraulic oils.

It replaces:

industrial oils I5-series: I50-
industrial oils IGP18-series:-IGP72

Indispensable in hydraulic coal combines, casting machines, hardening and drying kilns with the constant threat of fire. Relevant for use in hydraulic systems of defense equipment, weapons, specialized vehicles (cranes, excavators, tractors, combines, etc.). It can be used in place of petroleum oil drilling technology, the extraction of oil, gas, solid minerals, especially at low temperatures in the Arctic.


Synthetic oils HYDROWAY® 200 series effectively replace industrial oils and other petroleum-type: I 5S- I 50S, IGP18S- IGP72S, etc. and have the following advantages:

  • the breakdown of hydraulic spouted oil can not be a fire hazard;
  • high thermal conductivity and heat capacity allows more intensive use of equipment, reduce outages;
  • presence in HYDROWAY® 200 Series balanced imported additives prevents wear and corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, greatly reducing operating costs;
  • the use of synthetic oil in the lower temperature;
  • Fully compatible with all coolant synthetic and semi-synthetic brands HYDROWAY;
  • Less volatile, better communicate the mechanical force;
  • have a high viscosity index (at least 140);
  • have a favorable toxicological, hygienic and ecological characteristics.

Toxicological characteristics

It has a favorable toxicological, sanitation, environmental characteristics.


Packaging is made in rail tank cars, tank trucks, drums or other containers in agreement with the consumer. Guaranteed shelf life of at least 1 year from the date of manufacture when stored under proper conditions.


Quality System Certificate for compliance ISO 9001: 2008, issued by TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Essen, Germany;
The security certificate was issued МАКНИИ, Ukraine;
Certificates of compliance UkrSepro;
Quality certificate EMRC, issued European Marketing Research Center, Brussels, Belgium

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