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Testing-conservation fluids for hydrosystem of the mechanized complexes.


HYDROWAY® brand 300 is the mixture of antifreeze component, corrosion metals inhibitors, lubricating and special additives. It is produced of 4 brands (315, 330, 337, 355), they are differ by solidification temperature.


This series is used in delivery condition for testing and conservation of the hydrosystem of the mining-shaft equipment for its transportation and storage.

This fluid can be used for conservation at storage after tests of the hydrosystem ( test on the leak resistance) because it protects the hydrosystem from corrosion securely. This fluid does not damage the hydrosystem at low temperatures.

There are solidification temperatures of different brands at the tables. In case of solidification, the amorphous mass has been formed, it is not a monolith. The amorphous mass is easy pressed out of hydrosystem without disturbance of it integrity.


As opposed to mineral oils, the fluid HYDROWAY® brand 300 is compatible with hydraulical fluids Hydroway brand 900 and brand 1000 completely and with other hydraulical fluids types HFAE и HFAS, which are in accordance with the requirements of the 7th Luxemburg Report.

Toxicological characteristic

It has the favourable toxicological, sanitation, ecological characteristic. 


The packing is produced for Euro barrels or other package by agreement with the consumer. The guarantee term of the storage is not less than one year from the date of the production at the compliance of the terms storage.


Certificate of the quality system of the enterprise on the accordance
ISO 9001 : 2008, has been issued by Company TUV NORD CERT GmbH,
Essen city, Germany;
Certificate of safety has been issued by МакНИИ,Ukraine;
Certificate of the accordance УкрСепро;
Certificate of quality EMRC, has been issued by European Marketing Research Center, Brussel city, Belgium.