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Emulsion technological lubricant for cold steel rolling (with increased number of saponification)


HYDROWAY® 150 is the mixture of hydrocarbons, emulsifiers, inhibitors of metals corrosion, ethers, lubricant and other special additives. It is produced of 2 brands 150 и 155 (brand contents less hydrocarbons.).


Brand 150 is used like (2-5)%- emulsions for cold steel rolling at the import mills with high speed and degree of clamping. It may be effective and at the mills of the URSS production. In this case there is a hope to receive the rolled metal of required thickness from more thick semi-finished rolled products. Emulsions are prepared at the condensate or at the demineralized water. Brand 150 is used like (8-20)%-emulsions for oiling of the hot rolled tape after etching for its reel into roll.
Brand 155 is used for producing of brand 150 by mixing with oil base. Besides, it can be used in delivery conditions for metal forming (punching and etc.).


  • It has ability to soft the deformation considerably and improve the steel rolling out greatly.
  • It consists of synthetic complex heat resistant compound ethers instead of natural oils, glycerides, contained in typical country эмульсолах.
  • Brand 150 can be used at high speeds and degree of clamping.
  • It provides a high cleanness of steel surface after rolling.
  • There is no offal concerning blot formation after annealing practically. Emulsions provide reliable anticorrosive protection.

Toxicological characteristic

It has the favourable toxicological, sanitation, ecological characteristic.
(low-hazard substances).


The packing is produced  for Euro barrels or other package by agreement with the consumer. The guarantee term of the storage is not less than one year from the date of the production at the compliance of the terms storage.


Certificate of the quality system of the enterprise on the accordance
ISO 9001 : 2008, has been issued by Company TUV NORD CERT GmbH,
Essen city, Germany;