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MARIOL-PRESSOL® Semifluid lithium lubricant


Lubricant MARIOL PRESSOL® is the mixture of high-quality mineral oils, structured by lithium foams of 12-оксистеариновой acid. It contains the complex of functional additives (antifrictional, anti-tease, anti-wear, anti-oxidizing).It does not contain the elemental sulphur and the additive of active type.


Lubricant MARIOL PRESSOL® is used for lubrication of the junctions of the forge-and-press casting metallurgical and other hard loading industry equipment with the centralized system of lubrication. It is recommended for lubrication of bearings of rollers and other joints with centralized system of lubrication.


This lubricant has good anti-tease, anti-wear and protective characteristics , a high mechanical stability and a heat –resistance and a water –resistance.
A technical and an economic efficiency of this lubricant has been confirmed by tests which have showed, that the implementation of the lubricant instead of Uniol- 2М/2 provides the reduce of the consumption for 25-40%.

Physico-chemical characteristics

Toxicological characteristic

It has the favourable toxicological, sanitation, ecological characteristic.
(low-hazard substances).


The packing is produced for Euro barrels or other package by agreement with the consumer. The guarantee term of the storage is not less than one year from the date of the production at the compliance of the terms storage.


Certificate of the quality system of the enterprise on the accordance
ISO 9001 : 2008, has been issued by Company TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Essen city, Germany;