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Presented in the range of "Slavneftekhim" grease removal of concrete products from the molds and removable formwork made ​​of wood, steel, plastic and other materials commonly used in the construction industry. Here it is used as the liquid, which promotes maximum separation surface of the body of a particular product. If necessary, this type of mold release than concrete structures can also be applied to the surface of wood, plastic or metal.Grease forms concrete protects formwork made ​​of metal , the risk of further development and corrosion processes . Thus, the surface of the concrete products invariably are extremely smooth and clean . Introduced in the range of " Slavneftekhim " lubricant for concrete forms when applied to the surface of the casing constitutes a continuous oily layer , which acts as a barrier between the material and the surface of the concrete formwork . Similarly, the concrete is always ready to be separated from each other. The picture quality is beyond all praise.
They are a mixture of petroleum oil with emulsifiers , corrosion inhibitors and anti-adhesion additives.


They are used as ( 5-20) % x emulsions or as supplied for lubrication or vertical form formwork for manufacturing iron and foam products to provide the recess. It is applied to the mold or formwork standard way ( brush, spray , etc.). Working emulsion easily formed by mixing the product with cold water. The concentration of the emulsion is controlled by refractometric .


  • Emulsol easily spontaneously ( spontaneously ) emulsified in water at ambient temperature.
  • It is not necessary to add the reagents (lime , alkali , etc.) is not necessary to heat or cook the emulsion.
  • Emulsol contains inhibitors to prevent corrosion of the metal.
  • Contains antiadhesive improvers recess products from the molds.
  • The workers are not painted white emulsion and therefore does not leave any marks on the product , which is important for packaging of a product and the possibility of further coloring.
  • By varying the concentration of the emulsion can be used , or if you want to emulsoid for horizontal and vertical forms of formwork.
  • Application Hydroway 440 economically and technically advantageous.


It has a favorable toxicological, sanitation, environmental characteristics.


Packaging is made in rail tank cars, tank trucks, drums or other containers in agreement with the consumer. Warranty period of storage of at least 1 year from the date of manufacture when stored under proper conditions.


Quality System Certificate for compliance ISO 9001: 2008, issued by TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Essen, Germany;