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HYDROWAY® brand 940
The Penetrating agent HYDROWAY-940 is the mixture of the optimal quantity of the functional additives which provides the wetting .

Dear leaders of the production areas and the areas on the ventilation safety engineering at the shafts!

Due to your priority is the organization of the procedures concerning the coal dust control, “Slavneftechim” Company offers you a new unique product for increase of your work efficiency:

HYDROWAY® brand 940


The Penetrating agent HYDROWAY® 940 is the mixture of the optimal quantity of the functional additives which provides the wetting. This product does not contain the components which are dangerous for the health of the operating staff. It is safe environmentally.


The Penetrating agent is used like the water solution for the coal dust wetting for the purpose of the efficient coal dust removal from the shaft air. The concentrate is dissolved easily in the water of the different hardness and the salinity (20 mg-экв?/cub.dm and upper). This solution can be prepared by the proportioner at the shaft.The working concentration of Hydroway-940 is 0,05-0,3% .It is defined more exactly in accordance with the conditions. Hydroway-940 is exceeding the well-known DB on the wetting speed in 10times approximately, that’s why the working concentration may be reduced in 1.5-2.0 times in comparison with the DB. In other respects Hydroway-940 can be used in accordance with the Trade Regulation for the penetrating of the agent DB.


• High wetting speed (it is exceeding the well-known penetrating agent DB  in 10 times)
• Safety for the human and the environmental
• Possibility of solution preparation on the base of the shaft waters, just in mines.


The concentrate of HYDROWAY® 940 must be kept and transported in the original package or in the special intended package. After storage of the concentrate at the negative temperatures, it has been kept at the room temperature during 24 hours.


A new brand Hydroway ® 945 for quarries and open-pit coal mines

Dust-suppression Hydroway® 945 has successfully passed laboratory tests and is currently undergoing industrial trials in his career.  


Hydroway ® 945 now has the property of binding fine dust particles into larger, as a result, can successfully suppress mining dust on roads.

Through the use of dust-suppression Hydroway ® 945 several times reduces the consumption of water for irrigation pit roads.

It has a high anti-corrosion properties.