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MARIOL®  brand 450 Lithium semifluid antifrictional lubricant for gears (substitute of the standard transmission oils of MARIOL)


This lubricant is offered instead of the standard transmission oils which have been used for hypoid,-spiral-conic, straight cogs, cylindrical and worm transmissions in hard loaded cars and lorries in the moderate and hot climate conditions for a long time.

MARIOL®  brand 450 of the “Slavneftechim “ Company is the ideal combination of the engine oil of the premium quality and the lubricant for lubrication of mechanisms of cars. It is the mixture of different oils of mineral origin which has been thicken by a lithium foam and fatty acids especially. Additionally, it consists of different ЕР-additives of high pressure, which provide a high level of adhesional additives and others stick. The use of MARIOL® 450 of “Slavneftechim “ Company allows to provide a proper level of separate mechanisms, parts and details applying at transport. But it gives a great economy of the cost. That’s why it becomes available for more numbers of car owners.


This lubricant is for lubrication of the gears of the industry equipment and transport. For example, for lubrication of the gears of reduction gears of the coal driver’s combines, передвизчиков, conveyors of coal, conveyors, cranes, trams and etc.
MARIOL® 450 has high anti - teases, anti-wear and protective characteristics. The ingress of moisture, fractions of rock can effect for these characteristics insignificantly.

Due to non-Newtonian characteristics, the lubricant:
- makes airtight the places of leakages practically;
- reduces the power inputs, connected with the resistance of the lubricant material for shift. As opposed to geared oils, which penetrate through the seals easily, the lubricant consumption is less in ( 5-10 times).

Physico-chemical characteristics

Toxicological characteristic

It has the favourable toxicological, sanitation, ecological characteristic.
(low-hazard substances).


The packing is produced for Euro barrels or other package by agreement with the consumer. The guarantee term of the storage is not less than one year from the date of the production at the compliance of the terms storage.


Certificate of the quality system of the enterprise on the accordance
ISO 9001 : 2008, has been issued by Company TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Essen city, Germany;