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Synthetic non-flammable hydraulic fluid type HFAS powered support for mining equipment


HYDROWAY® brand 990 - concentrate fire-resistant hydraulic fluid of a new generation type HFAS. Provides optimal amount of functional additives to provide high anticorrosion and lubricating properties biopersistence , aggregative stability of microemulsions in waters of different hardness and salinity , environmentally safe ( does not contain harmful substances such as sodium nitrite , chlorine, fluorine , boron , etc.).

The product is certified according to the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Protocol.


Hydraulic fluid HYDROWAY® 990 brand designed to meet the most stringent operating conditions of coal mines.

Concentrate emulsifies readily in water of high hardness and salinity (20 meq / l and above) without further heating to form a clear stable microemulsion.

It replaces :

  • Fimitol P 87 AF
  • Solcenic PL
  • Solcenic PL +
  • Solcenic GM 20
  • Solcenic 2020
  • Hydrocor GS 460 NH
  • Ram - Vitol

The emulsion can be prepared directly in the mine using dispensers .

Designed for power and control hydraulics mechanized complexes of domestic and imported, in the form of a microemulsion ( 0.5-2.0 ) %.

At the request of the customer for easy identification of leaks may be introduced special substance causing the backlight emulsion (Patent number 29716 ) .


  • High stability of emulsions in a wide range of hardness and salinity
  • Opens the possibility of preparing an emulsion on mine water directly into the lava
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • The high biological stability and lubricity
  • The weak tendency to foam
  • The high inertness to elastomers
  • Repeated cycles of freezing / thawing did not alter the quality of the product
  • The emulsion is formed easily , almost spontaneously
  • Safe for human health and the environment
  • The best indicator of biodegradation of similar European liquids
  • A convenient way to identify leaks
  • Emulsion Hydroway® 990 is compatible with emulsions known European counterparts, so the transition to Hydroway® 990 is made by adding the emulsion without draining the hydraulic system used previously .

Preparation of the emulsion

Working emulsion is prepared :

- On the surface by mixing the required amount of concentrate with water;

- In underground conditions by using a metering device.

Control concentration prepared emulsion as well as during its operation , is firm hand refractometer Atago, or the like .


Quality System Certificate for compliance ISO 9001 : 2008, issued by TUV NORD CERT GmbH, Essen, Germany ;
Certificate of compliance with the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Protocol , issued by Central Mining Institute (GIG), Poland ;
The security certificate was issued МАКНИИ, Ukraine;
Certificates of compliance UkrSepro ;
Quality certificate EMRC, issued European Marketing Research Center, Brussels, Belgium