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Heat transfer fluid from the producer of "Slavneftekhim" - an environmentally safe antifreeze light green hue. It is intended for use as a coolant for all types of heating systems , as well as the cooling fluid in the industrial refrigeration equipment.

It can be used both in the individual and centralized heating systems : a single and multi-family homes, office buildings, industrial buildings , etc.
On the technical and operational characteristics coolant Hydroway ® is not inferior , and in some important ways superior to the best European products .

The main characteristics of the product:

  1. The main component of the coolant is safe for human health pharmaceutical grade glycerine, made ​​in Germany (used in medicine and food industry ) with functional additives to provide excellent anti-corrosion and lubrication properties , as well as prepyatstvuyuschieobrazovaniyu scale ;
  2.  The effectiveness of combinations of functional additives manufacturer and constantly checked periodically - the official government services . Manufacturer other than the official tests in accordance with GOST , applies the most stringent European testing methods for corrosion (28 days) , the impact on elastomers ( 45 days) , stability and other tests according to the 7th Luxembourg Protocol. The company " Slavneftekhim " Ukraine has a unique laboratory, equipped with facilities for such tests .
  3. The product is manufactured in four grades (Hydroway 315 , 320 , 330, 355) characterized by a pour point ;
  4. Operating temperature range for continuous operation, depending on the brand is -50 C ˚ / -30 C ˚ / -20 C ˚ / -15 ˚ C to + 105 C ˚;

The product comes in a ready to use form. Avoid mixing coolants tm Hydroway with other products , as they may be incompatible, or contact the manufacturer for recommendations.
In exceptional cases, you should obtain the opinion of the manufacturer.
After complete draining of the coolant from the previously used system-wide , the latter must be thoroughly rinsed with water to remove loose particles of rust. Even better is to use the available range of the company in a special cleaning concentrate , aqueous solution which has the property of dissolving the various deposits and scale from the internal surfaces of heating systems ;
Cold hardiness of the product is not changed for many years, provided that the concentration of the product Hydroway 300 series is fine, so topping up is necessary to produce the same product .


  • The unique formula of coolant Hydroway ™ brought together in a single product the most important qualities:
  • Absolute neutrality with respect to plastics and elastomers ;
  • High anticorrosive properties with respect to the black ( steel, iron) and non-ferrous metals and their alloys (copper , brass, bronze, zinc solders , brazing materials based on silver and copper , etc.);
  • Chemical stability of the composition that provides durability and reliability , flame resistance ;
  •  Frost resistance ;
  •  High thermal property ( heat transfer coefficient of 20% better than with water;
  •  Biological stability ;
  •  No foaming , no harmful to man and the environment of substances ;
  •  The spent coolant can be discharged into drains without harming the environment ;
  •   Excellent lubricating properties that guarantee trouble-free operation of the pumps ;
  •   Versatility : it works with any heating systems and boilers;
  •   For easy identification of leaks using a special component causing the backlight liquid ( Ukraine patent number 29716 ) ;
  •   Quality control assurance through to enterprise quality system ISO 9001:2008.

Certificates and diplomas
Conclusion of sanitary- epidemiological examination number 05.03.02-04/42326Sertifikat conformity № UA1.182.0027241- 12
The Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, certificate number 44100077043 , issued by TUV NORD, Germany .
The security certificate MAK НИИ number 12S.001MSertifikat quality EMRC, granted European Marketing Research Center, Brussels, Belgium
Diploma regional finalist of the "100 best goods of Ukraine".