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Professional grease - the best solution for your business

Operation of motor transport , machinery and tools used in various industries , is associated with the need to use special grease. Its functional purpose is to reduce the wear caused by friction is different nodes mechanisms used technique . If more into the details , now grease got quite widespread in modern technology , they are used to reduce friction in moving mechanisms and sites. Experts distinguish solid, semisolid , liquid or even gaseous lubricants .

MARIOL® - brand 250
Universal lithium anti-friction grease

Grease is a blend of high quality mineral oils thickened with lithium soap contains the song EP additives ( high pressure additives ) , adhesive additives (which provide stickiness ) , antioxidant and other functional additives.

MARIOL® -  brand 450

Semi- Lithium anti-friction grease for gearing

Lubrication is a mixture of mineral oil thickened with lithium soaps of higher fatty acids and the composition contains EP- additives ( additives pressure ) adhesion ( stickiness providing ) and other functional additives.


Semi-fluid lithium grease

Grease is a blend of high quality mineral oils , structured lithium soap 12 - hydroxystearic acid and contains a set of functional additives ( anti-friction , extreme pressure , anti-wear . Antioxidant ) . Does not contain elemental sulfur and additives active type .