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In the product range of the online shop of "Slavneftekhim" are well represented various hydraulic fluids for mining equipment . The need to use this technical fluid is in the normal operating state mechanisms and their parts and components directly used in in the production of lignite and coal - in mines, both open and closed type production. Presented in our mining equipment hydraulic fluids meet all current applicable stringent quality standards, adopted in Ukraine and in the countries of the European Union.

HYDROWAY®  brand 900

Synthetic non-flammable fluids such HFAS powered support for mining equipment

HYDROWAY®brand 960, 990 - it's synthetic hydraulic fluids new generation type HFAS. Contain a large number of active additives have high corrosion protection, biological stability and lubricating effect, a weak tendency to foam .

HYDROWAY® brand 1000

Semi-synthetic fire-resistant fluids such HFAE powered support for mining equipment

Hydroway® brand 1060 - this is a semi-synthetic hydraulic fluid of a new generation type HFAE. Is a blend of highly refined petroleum oil and a large number of functional additives to provide high anti-corrosion, lubricity , biostability , the aggregative stability of the microemulsion on the waters of various hardness and salinity .

HYDROWAY® brand 300Test and conservation funds  for Hydraulic powered support for mining equipment

HYDROWAY® brand 300 is a mixture of an antifreeze component , corrosion inhibitors , lubricants and special additives. Available in 4 values ​​(315 , 330 , 337, 355) , other than freezing point .