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Cutting fluids are widely used in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, machine building, instrument-making, as well as in many other areas , where ever there is an urgent need to address emerging high temperature in the cutting part of the tool. Using cutting fluids , it is possible to greatly reduce the high temperature level in the immediate treatment area - so many times increases the degree of resistance of the cutting tool , improved surface quality , as well as provides the proper level of protection against corrosion processes - as a cutting tool , so and the workpiece .
Indispensable in hydraulic coal combines, casting machines, hardening and drying kilns with the constant threat of fire. Relevant for use in hydraulic systems of defense equipment, weapons, specialized vehicles (cranes, excavators, tractors, combines, etc.). It can be used in place of petroleum oil drilling technology, the extraction of oil, gas, solid minerals, especially at low temperatures in the Arctic.
Dear leaders of the production areas and the areas on the ventilation safety engineering at the shafts! Due to your priority is the organization of the procedures concerning the coal dust control, “Slavneftechim” Company offers you a new unique product for increase of your work efficiency: HYDROWAY®-940
Synthetic non-flammable hydraulic fluid type HFAS powered support for mining equipment.Hydraulic fluid HYDROWAY® 990 brand designed to meet the most stringent operating conditions of coal mines.
This lubricant is offered instead of the standard transmission oils which have been used for hypoid,-spiral-conic, straight cogs, cylindrical and worm transmissions in hard loaded cars and lorries in the moderate and hot climate conditions for a long time.
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