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Presented in the range of "Slavneftekhim" grease removal of concrete products from the molds and removable formwork made ​​of wood, steel, plastic and other materials commonly used in the construction industry. Here it is used as the liquid, which promotes maximum separation surface of the body of a particular product. If necessary, this type of mold release than concrete structures can also be applied to the surface of wood, plastic or metal.
Semifluid lithium lubricant.Is used for lubrication of the junctions of the forge-and-press casting metallurgical and other hard loading industry equipment with the centralized system of lubrication.
Universal lithium antifrictional lubricant.is used for lubrication of joints of friction of the industrial and agricultural equipment, different mechanisms and machines like a multifunctional water –resistant lubricant.
Emulsion biostable lubrication-cooling fluids (LOF) for edge cutting machining, abrasive machining and forming operation.
Synthetical biostable lubrication-cooling technological facilities (LCTF) for edge cutting machining and abrasive machining and forming operation.
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