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Emulsion technological lubricant for cold steel rolling ( with increased number of saponification)
Testing-conservation fluids for hydrosystem of the mechanized complexes.This series is used in delivery condition for testing and conservation of the hydrosystem of the mining-shaft equipment for its transportation and storage.
Emulsion technological lubricants for cold steel rolling. It is the mixture of the hydrocarbons, emulsifiers, inhibitors of metal corrosion, ethers, lubricating and other special additives.
Semisynthetic biostable lubricant-cooling technological facilities (LCTF) for edge cutting machining and abrasive machining and forming operation of metals.
Indispensable in hydraulic coal combines, casting machines, hardening and drying kilns with the constant threat of fire. Relevant for use in hydraulic systems of defense equipment, weapons, specialized vehicles (cranes, excavators, tractors, combines, etc.). It can be used in place of petroleum oil drilling technology, the extraction of oil, gas, solid minerals, especially at low temperatures in the Arctic.
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